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Running a business isn’t free from paying taxes. Neither is managing personal or family expenses.

Whichever situation you’re in, you need to plan your taxes optimally.

The way your personal and company tax affairs are structured determines the amount of tax you pay.

The end goal of 3E’S tax planning specialists is to ensure you’re aware of the minimum accurate amount of tax required of you and your company.

3E’S recommends tax saving strategies for maximising your after-tax income.

You don’t have to worry about the complicated tax code or the current tax law.

Our accountants always keep themselves up-to-date so that meeting compliance standards is never a problem.

We offer a range of tax planning services in London and surrounding areas. See for yourself:

School fees planning
Our team of tax planning advisors understand the goals you have in mind for your child’s education and accordingly suggest the best route to maximise your savings and ensure that your child has a secure future irrespective of the economic conditions.
Overseas tax planning
Are you doing business overseas or planning to live outside the UK? The structure of your overseas personal and company business influences your tax payout. So let us handle intricate tax planning across jurisdictions with utmost criticality.
Inheritance tax planning
Are you looking to pass the value of your inheritance to the next generation without giving up control? That’s what everyone wants! There are many IHT-saving strategies available that can help plan your inheritance better. Talk to us to find out more about this.
VAT tax planning

Many businesses don’t know when they should register (or perhaps de-register) for VAT and are clueless about various VAT schemes. So we’d not only advise you but also help you in case you find yourself in a VAT inspection or investigation. Let’s not waste time. Contact us today!

Property tax planning

Property tax is a complicated area, with many factors determining your tax position — ranging from the type of property to the structure used to hold and enter into property transactions. At 3E’S, we provide a one-stop solution for all property-related needs.

Once you’re retired, you don’t want to worry about bleeding to pay your taxes. So we analyse your current financial situation to advise you on the most optimal investment holdings so that when you retire, you live life carefree and not worry about a penny!
Personal tax planning
As an individual, you have the right to choose the most convenient investment option. Our tax experts come up with the most optimal strategy after they’ve calculated your expected taxable income and liability. No silly promises or guarantees!
Corporation tax planning
Corporation tax represents a very substantial part of calculating your operating costs. That’s why our business tax planning services ensure your returns are handled with increased reporting obligations. Avert harsh penalties. Minimise your corporate tax exposure.
Seed/Enterprise Investment Schemes

Though there isn’t any guarantee to know if an investment is eligible for S/EIS, your business can still apply to HMRC for SEIS/EIS. Our tax planning experts will guide you through the legalities and help sort out the necessary documentation, so you don’t worry about a thing when you work with us.

Pension planning
Your pension isn’t a stand-alone — it needs to be considered as part of your retirement income strategy and we can help you to ensure it plays a role in your tax planning. For example, the amount of pension to contribute to get state benefit is a part of salary structure planning that 3E’S undertakes.

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With our tax strategies, you can concentrate more on business growth.

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