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business startup support

No new entrepreneurs can afford to do everything by themselves.

Yet that’s the sad reality.

Why waste time running around setting up your business when you should focus on handling high-end tasks like perfecting your product or service, expanding your team and attracting customers?

Our business startup support services help you run a more efficient business.

We stay on top of managing all your accountancy needs, from VAT and payroll to bookkeeping.

We establish a cordial relationship with your bank and ensure all banking procedures are carried out smoothly.

And yes, we’d also love to look after other aspects like business plans, budgets, cash flow projects and more.

Ready to leverage our business startup support for growth?

We offer 360-degree business startup support to new and budding UK-based entrepreneurs. Here’s what we help with:

Company formation

Starting a company? Great idea! But if you don’t have the expertise in managing the financial or legal aspects of forming a new business, you could get lost. Let our expert accountants help you register the company, open a bank account and prepare confirmation statement filing with Companies House.

Business loan

Procuring a business loan is a smart option if you need to pump in some money for growth. We can help you sort out the best loan for your new business after carefully understanding your financial situation, growth plans, and market trends. You won’t be disappointed with our service!

Company formation overseas

Forming a company can be complex in an overseas market. No two countries are the same — their tax laws, costs, procedures and requirements can differ wildly. Our team is fully equipped to provide support and technical advice throughout the life of your company — wherever it’s based — so you don’t worry about a thing.

Company registration

Not every business owner enjoys receiving unsolicited emails or visitors. In such a case, use our office as your registered address and have all official correspondence from HMRC and Companies House delivered to you by us. We’ll oversee the changing of your existing official address to 3E’S.

Business process system and design

Processes are the foundation of any kind of business. It includes a series of repeatable steps, critical for achieving your business goal. The more efficient your processes, the better your business will perform. Our service comprises utilizing AI, automation and IoT to create customized workflows to fit your target audience.

Business plan and forecast

Having a business plan sets clear goals for what you want to achieve as an entrepreneur. Our team helps clients throughout the process — from development to implementation of those goals — in a set timeframe. Gain a competitive edge; create a targeted business plan with 3E’S.

What you get with 3E’S business startup support

Our clients love us for our brilliant services.

Is 3E'S the right choice
for your business?

We could throw a long list of reasons at you for working with us. But we’ll stick with a few:

Our streamlined processes help new business owners achieve quicker operational readiness and market entry.

We offer tailored advice to startups, setting the foundation for successful business operations and growth.

Benefit from our extensive experience in helping new businesses navigate their initial financial challenges.

Access specialised start-up services without overwhelming your new business budget.

We handle the financial intricacies so you can concentrate on bringing your business vision to life.

Frequently asked questions

We offer comprehensive support in understanding and adhering to relevant legal and regulatory requirements. This includes assistance with business registration, obtaining necessary licences, setting up proper accounting and tax systems, and staying up-to-date with changes in laws and regulations.

Our team will work with you to implement robust compliance processes, conduct regular audits, and provide ongoing advice to help you navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of fines and legal issues.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop and implement effective growth strategies tailored to your specific business goals and market conditions. This includes market analysis, identifying opportunities for expansion, optimising operations, enhancing marketing efforts, and advising on mergers and acquisitions if applicable.

The consulting process varies depending on the scope and complexity of your needs. A thorough business startup consultation usually takes a few weeks to several months. Initial consultations and assessments can take a few weeks, while more detailed strategic planning and implementation might extend over several months.

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