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Investing in crypto currency has become increasingly popular in the past few years, with many people expecting to make a quick fortune and a tax-free return. However, such is not the case.

Crypto trading isn’t tax-exempt and has caught the eye of HMRC, who wants to ensure all businesses, traders, and investors pay the correct amount of tax on their crypto assets.

How is crypto taxed, you ask?

In the majority of circumstances, crypto is held personally. Any gains made will be typically subject to Capital Gains Tax. However, crypto trading is more than simply buying and selling.

Sure, crypto can be purchased, but it can also be acquired through other means, such as staking and mining. The tax treatment is dictated by how crypto is acquired, and even if it has been mined and not yet disposed of, crypto may still be subject to UK tax.

In rare instances such as mining, airdrops and yield farming, an individual may be required to pay Income Tax and National Insurance on crypto assets.

Whatever the situation, you must be aware of your tax obligations for your crypto activities and you should seek professional advice from a specialist cryptocurrency accountant.

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