IR35 contract review service

IR35 review service for contractors based in the UK

Are you unsure whether or not your contract falls “inside” or “outside” IR35?

Avoid the pitfalls of IR35 (off-payroll working) legislation with our help.

ir35 contract review

Ever since IR35 entered the picture, it has caused contractors undue worry.

If your work is deemed to be inside IR35, you’re subject to additional income tax and National Insurance contributions.

If you’re not, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

But the problem comes in accurately determining the IR35 status.

Moreover, you could even be wrongly forced inside IR35 if your end-client chooses to undertake blanket decisions on contractors.

Our review service gives you clarity about your contractual agreement and advises you whether you are outside IR35 or there’s a potential you may not be.

Although this previously applied to only contractors in the public sector, IR35, or the “off-payroll working rules,” was extended to the private sector from 6 April 2021.

All we need you to do is complete our detailed questionnaire, share your T&Cs and any accompanying documents such as insurance or contract schedule to give us the complete picture of your working arrangement.

Always be clear about your status; know the legislation with our support.

10 factors considered for evaluating your IR35 status

  1. Personal service
  2. Basis of payment
  3. Right of control
  4. Exclusive service
  5. Mutuality of obligation
  6. Part of organization
  7. Provision of equipment
  8. Intention of the party
  9. Financial risk
  10. Business like trading

What you get with 3E’S IR35 contract review service

Our clients love us for our brilliant services.

Is 3E'S the right choice
for your business?

We could throw a long list of reasons at you for working with us. But we’ll stick with a few:

We offer quick turnaround times for contract reviews, helping you proceed with confidence.

Ensure your contracts comply with IR35 with our thorough reviews.

Our experts provide detailed assessments to safeguard you from potential legal issues.

Get expert IR35 contract reviews at a fair price.

Concentrate on your contractual engagements while we ensure compliance.

Frequently asked questions

If your contracts are found to be inside IR35, it means that HMRC considers you to be an employee for tax purposes rather than a contractor. This has several implications:

  • You’ll be required to pay income tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs) in a similar way to an employee’s. The entity you contract with will deduct these amounts from your pay.
  • If your contracts were incorrectly assessed as outside IR35, you may need to pay additional taxes and NICs for previous years.
  • Your take-home pay will likely be reduced due to the higher tax and NICs liabilities.

We can help you understand these implications and explore options for reshaping your contracts to better reflect your working practices.

There’s no specific deadline for getting your contracts reviewed for IR35 compliance; however, ensuring that your contracts are compliant as soon as possible is crucial.

Regular reviews can help you stay ahead of any changes in legislation and reduce the risk of penalties or additional tax liabilities. Reviewing contracts before entering into new agreements or at the start of a new tax year is essential.

The turnaround time for an IR35 contract review typically ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the contract’s complexity and the documentation volume.

For straightforward contracts, we can usually provide a review within 5-7 working days. More complex contracts or cases requiring detailed analysis may take longer.

Yes, we handle disputes and challenges related to IR35 determinations made by HMRC. Our team of experts can represent you in communications with HMRC, prepare and submit any necessary documentation, and provide strategic advice on contesting or mitigating any adverse determinations.

We work to protect your interests and aim for the best possible outcome in resolving IR35-related disputes

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