Utilise managed payroll services that are efficient and seriously smart!

No one should have to wait for their wages. Pay your staff on time.

Get help from payroll specialists that genuinely care.

As you scale your business, employing people becomes the next logical step to take.

But it comes with a boatload of legal responsibilities — ranging from creating HR procedures and company handbooks to sorting out contracts of employment.

Running payroll is headache-inducing, especially when there’s a time crunch.

Our payroll services are the key to your problem.

Let our team handle NI and PAYE calculations, produce GDPR-compliant pay slips for your staff, and manage deductions such as student loans, workplace pensions and holiday/sick pay benefits.

Reduce your payroll admin, comply with all HMRC real-time information, and always have full control to your payroll data

All you have to do is scan and send your staff’s timesheets so that we can begin work.

What you get with 3E’S payroll services

We are happy using any software to do your payroll


Our clients love us for our brilliant services.

Is 3E'S the right choice
for your business?

We could throw a long list of reasons at you for working with us. But we’ll stick with a few:

Giving you an overview of your business’ financial status gives you the insight to take the right business decisions.

When it comes to your finances, you want the best people to be looking after it. With 3E’S, that’s never a problem!

Sure, we’re experts in many areas of accounting but that doesn’t mean we charge the earth. We operate a fair-priced service.

Redirect your efforts to scaling your operations. We’ll handle your accounts.

3E’S efficient services help you boost your business performance as a whole.

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